Robotics.Robot2 .*;

Robot 2

Robot2: (The metal one).

The hexapod wasn't really creative enough. I wanted to make something a bit more interesting. I liked the idea of legs, but they're horrible inefficient, and I can't get them to accomplish much. Wheels are great, but there's nothing new or interesting about them. Legs and wheels both have their merits and weaknesses.

Well, how about both? Plenty of inspiring ideas can be seen in Japanese anime. Plenty of great ideas if your building materials are indestructible and your power sources are practically limitless and weightless. The limits of power sources always seem to be the biggest headache (and heartache) in robot design.

But I did find way to make the compromises. I came up with some wheeled legs that at least looked interesting, and they were lightweight enough to prove worthwhile.

This robot also sported proximity sensors to keep it from running into things.


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