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Left lateral view of the chassis so far. Overall, it stands about 13" tall, 23" long, and 12" wide. The front legs. You can see the DC motors attached medial to each leg frame. Also in view are the suspension springs. I'm leaving the axles long to possibly incorporate rotation sensors. Those white square blocks hold the axle bearings.
Posterior-lateral view of the front legs. Some of the bolts are still fairly long. This view shows the motor cables leading up through a hole in the chassis platform to the control box. Underside view, rear leg assembly. In this view, you can see the suspension springs, and part of the rear leg rotating column.
View of the rear legs. It's the posterior halves of the legs that rotate like caster wheels. Also visible, dorsal side of the chassis platform, is a control box which houses the DC motor driver board and an OOPic-R board. The control box case was actually salvaged from an old CDROM drive. There are two black toggle switches attached on the dorsal side of the control box, one controls battery power to the circuit boards, the other to the DC motors. Anterior view. Here you can see one of the SRF04 sonar range finders attached temporarily to the anterior-dorsal to the chassis platform. Also visible are the battery packs and the open side of the control box. Note that this open side allows a cooler environment for the DC motor driver board.
Posterior view of the control box. The open flap allows access to the OOPic-R's DB-9 serial port socket. The inside of the control box. The DC motor driver board is on the left, the OOPic-R to the right. Looks a little cluttered and confusing at the moment, but the cables will be more organized as the preliminary testing continues.
The torso platform so far. It's the same length as the chassis platform. The torso platform will support Robot2's head and tail components. Posterior view of the torso's pitch servo, servo mounting blocks, and linkage. This is the Hitech HS-805BB servo.


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