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Anterior view. Two of the forward-facing infrared distance sensors are visible. The holes in the anterior panel underneath the mushroom head are remnants from the centrifuge's control knobs. Left lateral view. You can see two of the infrared distance sensors just underneath the mushroom head. Right at the ventral edge of the mushroom head is a cutout for access to the microcontroller's serial port.
Right lateral view. Yeah, those are salvaged inline skate wheels attached to the drive motors. Cheap wheels that don't slip on their rims are hard to come by. Left post-lateral view. Aside from the two power switches, you can also see part of the posterior suspension. The little black, cylinder-shaped rubber parts are used for suspension as well as shock absorption (in the original centrifuge, these were attached to the spinner buckey to dampen some of the wobbling).
View of the "pop-top". Handy enough for quick access. Ventral view of the robot base. Visible are the two posterior drive wheels and their motors, and well as the two anterior caster wheels.
Inside dorso-medial view of the mushroom head. Some of the electronics are present in this photo (at the time of this photo, I was in the process of switching from an OOPic-R microcontroller to a BasicX-24). Also visible are the NiMH battery packs that power the electronics and sensors, and the two lead acid batteries that power the motors.  


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