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Cassandra and Louie making their initial analysis. Can't tell if Louie approves or not.
Anterior-lateral view. Posterior-lateral view.
Left lateral view. Just one 12-volt lead-acid battery in use so far. Anterior-lateral view of the sensor platform. I haven't planned out enough structure to call this a "head" just yet.
Anterior-Lateral view. You can see how very simple the whole design is. Right lateral view.
Inside view of the second platform. Not much in the way of electronics, so far. Just enough to test the radio control gear. Right lateral view. The motor driver modules are visible; one for each wheel.
Ventral view. One motor for each wheel. I chose to use the I-beam in the center to support the weight of the lead acid batteries. The last robot's structure was bending under their weight. Anterior lateral view.


Dorsal-lateral view with radio control gear.  


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